"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive". ­ Howard Thurman 


Welcome to the digital home of Amy Carol Webb - a place where music and ministry comes alive! Born into a music­ and­ ministry family (my father was a music teacher and a gospel preacher, my mother a singer and Sunday­ school teacher), my life’s path has taken many forks to this moment. Music has taken me into many countries, cities, homes and hearts since I was a child. As a musician, I’ve seen and felt it lift and lead hearts and minds to places unfathomed. As I child I knew what I wanted to be – a musician and a minister. But life had other ideas until I dared to take this last fork in the road, enrolled in seminary and let ministry take hold. And the music plays on. Come … take the journey with me toward all that brings us alive!



Well … if you’re looking for news of the moment, you’re there! New Year – new website! The launch of this new comprehensive, interactive amycarolwebb.com website IS the news of the moment!  So come on in and explore. You’ll see some areas are still in the process of creation, with more pages to come (like song lyrics, more videos, and downloads) -- so two things:  let us know other things you’d like to see, and be sure and check back to see ‘em! Thanks for visiting and come back often! Oh, and sign-up for my once-a-month-or-so newsletter for updates. (We won’t share your information with anyone else.)


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