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Moments - CD CoversMoments: Music • Mantra • Music

Life is not made up of our days but of our moments.

Delving deeper and reaching farther than Amy’s done before, this enchanting musical gathering features music learned from and inspired by myriad traditions including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Indigenous People, with new pieces from Amy - like the Native flute and drum dance, “Spiriting,” the ever-renewed cycle of life meditation “Circle,” lush new harmony arrangements of the beloved “Shalom Aleichem,” “Balm in Gilead,” “Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pusa,” the Sri Hanuman Mantra, Ysaye Barnwell’s call for compassion “Would You Harbor Me,” Annie Wenz’ anthem to inspiration “And We Wait,” and and a new choral arrangement of Amy’s “On Holy Ground” rounding the 13 tracks. Amy not only wrote or arranged each piece, she also sang all the vocals in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Hindi, played most of the instruments and engineered the majority of the recording!






ACW Welcome Home CD CoverWelcome Home: Florida Songs, Florida Friends, vol. 2

Amy continues her tribute to Florida’s rich musical heritage.

This verdant musical journey brings five new songs from Amy - like the pastoral
meditation "In My Florida," a moment in the festival life captured in "Wakin' Up in White Springs" and the heart-bursting title track "Welcome Home!" - as well as five lush tributes to Florida troubadours gone before - including Will McLean's  haunting "Courtship Dance of the Florida Sandhill Crane," Steve Blackwell's call to our ancestors "The Line," and Ann Thomas' tender ode for plight of the manatee "The Storyteller." Recorded mostly live in the Will McLean festival campground, Amy involved as many noted Florida musicians as she could fit under the canopy of a camper, then finished off with the master touch of Ron Litschauer's Acoustic Music Productions Studio in West Palm Beach.






ACW Breaking Light CD CoverBreaking Light: Songs of the Season

A holiday album you didn’t expect and will never forget!

Opening an entirely different door onto the holiday season, Amy is once again a one-woman wonder – playing and singing the whole album – manifesting lush harmonies and bringing instruments to life – from guitars, calimba and djembe to an antique toy xylophone, along with singing in Swahili, Hebrew and German. And she engineered ¾ of it in her own Different Stripes Studio. What began as a fairly typical holiday recording became an extraordinary passage through the history and hope of the mid-winter holidays from ancient times to the 21st century in the voices of cultures the world round. Of course Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa and Yule have their say – but who would expect holidays from India, China, Iran and America’s Indiginous Peoples to show up for the party? And who thought Winter Saints and Legends from Japan, Ancient Rome, Italy and Egypt would come along with old familiar Nicholas, Lucia and Claus?






ACW Rhythm Rhyme Reason CD CoverRhythm Rhyme Reason: Songs that Taught Me

Tunes you know – or think you do!

With this album of classic covers, Amy takes you to the music that started it all, the songs and sounds that fed the voice, vision, grace and grit of Amy’s original music - the music of Guthrie and Gershwin, James Taylor, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, John Prine, Leonard Cohen, Dylan, Seeger, Chapin and so many more. Amy Carol Webb unfolds the unadorned truth of these songs, with only her irresistible voice and her nuanced guitar (the way she plays you’d swear she’s playing two or three guitars at once). You will feel you’re hearing them for the first time.






ACW Come Take The Waters CD CoverCome Take the Waters: Florida Songs, Florida Friends, vol. 1

Taps the Well of Florida Music’s Power

Gleaned from recordings in five different locations from festival campgrounds to island porches and a West Palm Beach studio, this album is a stunning testament to the strength of music in community, a landmark journey through Florida's folk culture -- more than half of it remarkable live captures of Amy Carol Webb's real music and real friends in real time with 18 of Florida’s finest players lauding some of Florida’s most beloved troubadors - Will McLean, Gamble Rogers, Don Grooms, Steve Blackwell, Bobby Hicks and Ann Thomas.  “They started this Florida music tradition, a tradition no other state has,” Amy notes. “They’re the heart it; it’s up to the rest of us to keep that heart beating.”  If Amy’s own set of new songs on this album are any measure, the heart of Florida’s music beats stronger that ever. Between tracks, Amy shares the laughter, friendly jibing, outtakes and ambient sounds of recording locations that take the listener on a one-of-a-kind musical journey through Florida – “from sweet Suwannee air to Mallory square.”  When Amy sings of the rivers, you feel yourself float down them. When she sings of rain, you feel yourself cleansed. When she sings of the hawk, you find you’ve taken flight. If Amy’s own set of new songs on this album are any measure, the heart of Florida’s music beats stronger that ever.





ACW Naked CD CoverNaked No Tricks

There’s nothing between us and the songs.

This CD is your invitation to Amy's room. It was recorded in real time, live on one guitar, imagining you were right there.It is as close to first-hand listening as a recording can get. No fancy studio effects. No ensemble. Just songs. Just us. In the moment. In the music. It's me and you. It's imperfect and true. It's naked -- no tricks.





ACW Faith Fortitude Friends CD CoverFaith Fortitude Friends

These are your anchors; these are your wings.

What began under the working title "Faith and Fortitude" in the wake of 9/11, grew to FAITH FORTITUDE FRIENDS as Amy's colleagues, national artists touring through South Florida, brought their particular gifts and perspectives into the studio. The synergy is palpably threaded through this disc, as renowned artists carried Amy music into brave new territory -- Dave Nachmanaoff, Donna Henschell and Kelly Mulhollan (Still on the Hill), Mike Lindauer, Miriam Davidson and Kiya Heartwood (Wishing Chair) and Grammy winner Paul Hoyle (who also co-produced and engineered).





ACW These CD CoverThese Are My Own:  Live in Concert

Mastering the art of mesmerizing.

Recorded LIVE in the concert room of Kokopelli Studios in South Florida, this remarkable CD captures the intimacy, energy and atmosphere that rises when friends gather as the music lifts us to new places in our hearts and minds dissolving the barriers between us note by note, moment by moment. Even the crickets play their part in the midst of the music, laughter, conversation!





ACW Songweaver CD CoverSongweaver

Proving “Amy Carol Webb” translates “Beloved Song Weaver.”

This album’s award-winning songs launched Amy into tours of America’s most lauded festival stages and concert halls from South Florida to Texas and New England, earning her accolades as a Billboard "Act to Watch, " a place as a Kerrville NewFolk Finalist, Miami’s Best Solo Musician (New Times), Best Songwriter of the South Florida Folk Festival and the praise of both regional and national press. Recorded in Studio B of Miami's historic "Spaceship Records" these tracks feature's some of Miami's premier musicians and engineers, including the members of Miami’s historic blues/rock band, Iko-Iko.





ACW Happen CD CoverIt’ll Happen Again

Oh, yes it will!

First recorded as a cassette tape in Amy’s tiny Miami Beach apartment, this recording was Amy’s return to music after a 7-year full-time motherhood break. It celebrates her own musical rebirth and foretells what has become the rest of her remarkable career and, indeed, her life.







ACW EMPOWER CD CoverEmpower Your Voice: A Vocal Workshop

Every one of us is born with something to say and the perfect voice to say it.

From the first “Hello,” your voice is your aural ambassador, carrying your thoughts, emotions and intentions. In this highly interactive workshop, you will consciously breath, laugh, listen and articulate your way to a stronger more effective voice. Exploring the physical and spiritual properties of your unique human voice, you will increase clarity, build confidence and expand communication skills for better focus at work and greater freedom at play!





ACW Diamonds CD CoverThese Diamonds

Produced by the Will McLean Foundation – Saving Florida One Song at a Time

With her now-classic “Turtle Tears,” Amy joins 11 of Florida’s finest singer-songwriters on this first release in the Foundation series dedicated to promoting Florida artists who make music in the tradition of Will McLean “to love Florida more deeply and work to preserve the gifts with which Nature has blessed her.”