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Our lives are not so much made up our days, but of our moments. Music can mark those moments – of triumph and joy, or grief and loss, of endings and beginnings, of seeking the new and honoring the old, of gathering knowledge and letting go of those things beyond our understanding.


Below you will find Music Services Amy can provide to honor, support and celebrate these moments of life. If you are in need of any of these, give us some information in the Service Inquiry Form at the bottom of this page



“Amy masters the art of mesmerizing” said one journalist of Amy’s concerts. From the small-and-intimate to concert hall to festival to theater and conference center, Amy’s concerts will deliver an unforgettable experience for your audience.

ACW Ensemble Florida Folk Fest 2012 ACW CAC Jumbotron


Amy’s worship, workshops, keynotes and concerts have been invited to conferences on many themes in many cities throughout North America, and can be completely customized for your community event, congregation or retreat center.



Bring Amy to your professional conference for a differently dynamic keynote – highly motivational, insightful, multi-media, in both spoken and sung word.  More on Amy's Professional Speaking page.


Rites of Passage

From Baby/Child Dedications, to Coming of Age celebrations, to Weddings to Memorials and Funerals, Amy will custom-fit music for your special moment to you and your family.  

 ACW Alex Anna-Lena Wedding

Worship Services

Amy can provide a Sermon in Song as well as music for your gathering, both Unitarian Universalist and other faiths, including Interfaith groups, liberal Community Churches, unaffiliated Congregations and Fellowships, Science of Mind, MCC, UCC, Pagan groups and others. 

ACW Preach Rose Clearwater Marquis



From full multi-media presentations to intimate personal development sessions, Amy’s workshops explore a variety of topics in one-session, half-day, and full-day residency formats. Find out more details on Amy’s workshops here.

ACW Stookey Josh White Jr Dartmouth


The “Weekender”

Want a concert, Sermon in Song or worship music, a workshop or two, keynote or some combination for your conference, congregation or community. Amy will customize a weekend package to your theme!



(families, children, homes, buildings, animals, monuments, Peace Poles, etc.):  Amy can bring the special expression of blessing music for important people and places of your life.

ACW Palm Beaches Peace Pole 

Would you like Amy to serve an event for your community, conference, congregation or clan? 

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